Friday, April 4, 2008

Musically Inclined

Ever since I was little I have been known to burst into song. I truly cannot help myself.

I have vivid memories of singing so loudly in the shower that my brother, bless his heart, would bang on the door and say "STOP IT THE NEIGHBOR'S ARE COMPLAINING!"
I'm older now and realize it was just because he was jealous that I was blessed with the musical gene but at the time I thought that maybe the neighbors could hear me. Was that such a bad thing? If you're asking was I embarrassed the answer is unequivocally, no. If anything I felt like 'Good - they should hear this'.

I'm 24 now and frankly this habit doesn't carry with it the charm that it once did. I have in fact been told that I can't sing. And one of those people was a stranger and she goes "Nah uh- homegirl cannot sing~ It's all good girl I can't sing neither!" and honestly I was really surprised. Depressed. Confused?
Another person was Jon. When I told him that if I had only started earlier I would be famous by now he says "No Dude. Sorry man you like get it, I mean you understand music and stuff but, you just can't really sing."
Knife me in the heart. It's over between us.

So there you have it. I'll never be a rock star (stop begging), I'll never have a Grammy (unless I can steal one) and you won't have my single on repeat in your car....althouuuhgh...Jon and I do have the capacity to make a cd...should you be interested.